Bichon Frise Annabelle Plush

Bichon Frise Annabelle Plush

Bocchetta Plush Toys

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Annabelle is a white Bichon Frise, Maltese plush toy, measuring a realistic 38cm (15"). With fluffy white hair that can be brushed with a regular pet brush. Annabelle is happy to lie on the bed and have her soft fur pet and stroked. Annabelle can help increase happiness and reduce anxiety which makes a great gift for those who can't have the real thing.

  • Also great for lovers of Maltese Poodles and other white fluffy dogs
  • Great gift to keep on your bed
  • Can be brushed using a regular pet brush
  • Made using highest quality acrylic fur
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for ages 3+

Part of the Bocchetta Plush Toys “Dog” Soft Toy Collection.

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