Five Crowns Mini Rounds Open Tin

Five Crowns Mini Round


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Five Crowns Mini Round is a quick version of the popular Five Crowns card game. There is still the great game play of Five Crowns. Mini Round comes in a tin to allow easy carrying while protecting the cards. .

Five Crowns is a rummy style card game, so players try to complete a book or a run each round based off what is needed for that round. The game is called Five Crowns because instead of four suits there is five, the Stars make up the fifth suit, so there is five sets of royals. Each round changes the number of cards and which are wild for that round, until the final round where Kings are wild.

Normally a game of Five Crowns is finished in eleven rounds (starting at 3 through to King) but with Five Crowns Mini Round it can be completed in five rounds, around 15 minutes of play time. Which means it makes a great game to play during a break like lunch.


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